PTC Sites – Scam or Legit ?

by nestorvibes

PTC Sites - Insanity ?Have you ever tried to make money online with PTC sites? If you have, there is a 75% chance that you currently reside in a mental institute, mumbling something about referral outputs and multiplying millicents on the wall of your cell, by using only your fingernails. I’m sure this isn’t exactly what you expected when you registered to your first ptc sites.. You were probably thinking: “Well.. I don’t ask for much… just a few honest extra bucks”. It all seemed like legitimate business, promising reasonable profit instead of astronomical amounts of $2,872 per day. (You were too smart to fall for that one).

All you had to do was to click on some ads. But then you realized that the profit for each click you made, was rather disappointing… The profit rate was in a scale of “2 bucks per month”. So you registered to 30 ptc sites ! Congratulations! You broke the online marketing code! Wake up at 7.00 am, make coffee and “click” your life away for 60 bucks a month. Exaggerating? Maybe. But things were not so peachy either.

Then you read all these articles about how to ” really ” make money online in ptc sites. It was a revelation! You found the secret key to unlock the door of success in the ptc world, called : ” Referrals “. And I’m not talking about rented referrals, don’t get me started… I’m talking about the good ones, those little imaginery slaves working for you in the dark mines to collect precious fragments of clicks so you can live in abundance & prosperity. So, you invited your friends, your family, your girlfriend and mr. Louis down at the hardware store, your mother spent 2 1/2 hours trying to register in Neobux but she unfortunately didn’t make it cause she messed up her password and got banned, your father was looking down at you while you were blabbering about this innovative business model and tried not to laugh, your associate was getting closer everyday to eventually  deciding that a suicide would be the perfect solution for a wide variety of problems, and then you facepalmed yourself thinking : ” I’ve got to do better than this “. So you created a blog ! <insert crowd clap here>

PTC_Scam?Wait! It gets better. Your blog wasn’t successful ! The reason : ” content not good enough “. I would add a couple (of million) more reasons, but perhaps I shouldn’t at this point to avoid extending this blog post to eternity. So let’s see… what was the next logical step? Website creation. Yeah. Woohoo. From this point you forgot everything else, including your basic human needs like eating and sleeping. It was not business anymore. It was a bet with yourself. Social media, traffic exchange, PTC advertisement, promoting, updating constantly. This site HAD to work, even if it meant that your eyeballs would melt on your keyboard, your girlfiend leaving you for that biker dude with the black Suzuki, and you would have to communicate with other people in HTML code for the rest of your life.

So, you were 24/7 stuck in front of an LG widescreen, trying to find the answer to the universal SEO riddle, while the giant Google eye frawns upon your second-hand-no-follow-crappy backlinks, waiting for the moment that your Page Rank will actually become a negative number, a fact that will disrupt the space-time continuum, leading to the mobilization of a small group of black-suited men to storm your house at night and beat the crap out of you for violating their advertisement policy. You should have seen it coming.


” Your account has been suspended for all eternity and you may not create another account ever again, neither can your children, or your children’s children and so on. We suggest that it would be wise for you to invest more time in aggriculture and less in computers. Thank you and have a good life. “

PTC Sites – Worth It ?

Despite all that, ( for some strange reason ) you still didn’t quit. And that’s the key factor that leads people to success. As in every aspect of affilliate marketing, it takes time till you see decent results for your efforts. The PTC business model is not flawless and, yes, of course scamming would be thriving in this area too. You don’t have to be a quantum physicist to understand that when money is involved (welcome to the world wide web) scamming will be involved too.  So, let’s not pretend to be so shocked about scam PTC sites popping up like mushrooms every day by 15-year-old-schoolboy admins that will collect your money and… “abandon ship”.

There are ways to protect yourself from scam PTC sites, ponzi schemes and fraud in general, as there are ways to succeed in ptc. Now that can easily be contradicted, but from people that didn’t manage to make a profit (makes sense). The fact is, that some are making profit, and I am not referring to the mythical monsters of ptc sites with the $20.000 cashouts. I am talking about a decent monthly income to help you get along, as a reward for all that work you put into ptc sites on a daily basis. PTC sites are not suited for people looking to make some quick cash. And if you ask me, this concept does not exist anyway. But if you are determined, hard working and creative, you can be successful in ptc sites, as in anywhere else you choose to invest your time and effort.

Here is a reliable website to find your way through the chaotic PTC world :

Make money online - Best PTC Sites

Remember to work in moderation, life is not only about earning more money, neither does your personal value as a human being depend on it. Till we meet again…

Good luck, square-eyes 😉